Moderators’ Association

A worldwide professional community of moderators which promotes professional growth of our members through the access to new knowledge, skills and world best practices in the moderation field.

  • set internationally accepted standards
  • provide Accreditation
  • support the community of professional moderators
  • promote and educate on the power of moderation to ensure effective win-win cooperation

As a professional Association we


We strive to see professional moderation used around the world to contribute to the search for better solutions in response to the challenges faced by people, organizations, and communities.


Our mission is to grow the community of practicing moderators, establish internationally accepted standards in the industry as well as promote the value of moderation for people, communities and organizations by enabling positive changes in their lives and businesses.


We set and follow high professional and ethical standards in the field of moderation. We use our professional skills to create safe environment and equal opportunities for all participants of the process.


Professionalism and Ethics

We use processes, methods and tools that meet the group's interests and goals. We avoid using processes, methods or tools with which we are insufficiently skilled, or which are poorly matched to the needs of the group.


We continuously learn and grow. We always seek opportunities to improve our knowledge and master our skills in moderation through our practical experience, learning and exchange of the best practices with the professional community.


Confidentiality is a key element to create trust and safe atmosphere. We observe confidentiality of all information that we receive in the process of moderation. We do not share information of the group’s discussion content, or the individual opinions or behavior of members of the group without their consent.


In our profession we are guided by the principle “one step ahead”: a moderator creates an environment of safety and trust, guides the participants though the process of the meeting, motivates and encourages them to achieve their goals.


International Moderators' Association
Membership in the International Moderators’ Association means that each our member:
  • Has a high level of professional knowledge
  • Shares the values of our community and adheres to the norms of professional ethics
  • Provides the highest professional standards for events of any level for our partners
  • Uses the best world practices in the field of moderation
  • Observes the mode of uncompromising confidentiality of information received in the course of moderation of any event implying such a mode.
In case you face any trouble when filling in our application form, please contact us by email:
If you want to join the community of professionals of the International Moderators’ Association follow the link and submit your application.
The International Moderators' Association welcomes everyone who is interested in moderation and its professional widespread use in fostering the effective cooperation.



Our main goal is to gather and make accessible for moderators a wide range of moderation methodologies and techniques.
Our Goals
The Moderator’s Library is a continuously updated database which is available to all members of the Association. Each member of the Association can contribute to this moderation knowledge resource by adding new materials to it.
All the data in the Moderator’s Library is ranged from the basic techniques to more sophisticated methods. Each member of the Association has the access to the data in accordance with their qualification and certification.

methods and tools


We are proud of our Moderator’s Library, a unique electronic source, which includes over 200 different methods and tools for effective moderation.

Moderator’s Professional Development Track

demonstrates in-depth knowledge and competences in moderation, has held Certified Master Moderator credentials for at least two years, has credentials of professional practice for at least five years and not less than 800 hours of moderation, including the format of forum-group retreats.
Demonstrates confident level of knowledge and core competencies in moderation, has credentials of professional practice for at least one year and not less than 50 hours of moderation of forum-meetings and other business formats.

Certified Moderator

demonstrates professional level of expertise and competencies in moderation, has held Certified Moderator credentials for at least one year, has credentials of professional practice for at least two years and not less than 300 hours of moderation of forum- meeting and other business meeting formats, including a more complex format – Forum Tune-Up.

Certified Master Moderator


Certified Forum Trainer

has held Certified Forum Trainer credentials for at least eight years, conducts active research in the field of moderation, designs new methods and tools in moderation, runs training courses in moderation.

Certified Master Trainer


Accreditation in the International Moderators’ Association

Accreditation of the moderation training programs is the procedure of the curriculum’s validation to the requirements of the professional training of moderators. The training has to provide the participants with methodical and conceptual framework in moderation of group processes and develop core skills required to moderate small-group meetings.
All training programs which undergone the accreditation procedure will be included in the list of programs and courses recommended by the International Moderators’ Association.